The Flagler Gun & Archery Club offers Individual, Family and Student memberships.

Becoming a member will allow you the full use of the trap, pistol, rifle and archery facilities, 7 days a week, year around. Other disciplines have scheduled times which can be determined by clicking on the individual discipline listed above (under Shooting Disciplines), or by checking the Calendar of Events.

We offer:

We also offer a free Basic Pistol Class with your membership which qualifies you to apply for a Florida Concealed Firearm License. The course must be taken within six months of joining.

If you would like to see the Club before you decide to join, please call 888-823-4251 and press 1 to arrange a tour. Tours are available by appointment only.
You must call and make an appointment. The property is access controlled and driving out to the Club without calling ahead may result in you sitting at the gate unable to enter.

Below are the steps required to becoming a member.  These must be completed in the order they are listed.  It may take up to 48 hours before you get an update on your application.

It is your responsibility to complete the membership process in full. 
Failure to do so will delay your membership.

   1. Review the Flagler Gun & Archery Club By-Laws and SOP.  The information in these documents is covered in the new member exam.  You can download these documents and reference them while taking the test.

   2. Complete the “New Member Exam” below.  Enter your email address and click on red start button to begin.  A score of 90% or better is required, you have 3 tries and the test is open book, so you can reference the By-Laws and SOP when taking the test.
   3. Complete the on-line application.   A current "head shot picture" is required for the club badge.  
Click here to begin the Online Application  

Family memberships - All members of the family planning to use the club must attend a new member orientation.  New member orientation's are posted on the club calendar.
All Applicants for Membership shall complete the prescribed application form and submit it, along with all required initiation fees and dues, including proof of membership in a Pro Second Amendment Organization such as the NRA, GOA, or NAGR for consideration by the Membership Director.

Students are required to provide a copy of their current transcript showing full time status for new and renewal applicants. 

The last step in the new member process is to attend the "New Member Orientation" meeting.  This meeting is held monthly and is posted on the club's calendar.  The Safety Governor will review the club's safety requirements at ths meeting and you will receive your gate badge.

Annual Dues and Assessments
Full Year
New member initiation fee (one time)$150$1650
Assessment (years 1 – 10)$100$1000
Annual Dues (see note below)$75$100$40

If you join during the 4th calendar quarter then the annual amount is payable, but the 4th quarter of the current year is free.  Once you follow the application process and pass the test you will be e-mailed information for next steps.

The initiation fee and the annual dues cover the club’s operating expenses and general maintenance; the Assessment charge of $100 is paid annually for ten years and funds major club improvements.  **Please note that each membership is also expected to contribute eight hours of volunteer service each year or pay an additional $50 on your annual membership renewal.

Renewal takes place each calendar year, and your renewal amount must be paid by December 31st of each year to avoid late fees and/or removal from the roles.