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Anderson Firearms Training – Defensive Rifle/Pistol Caliber Carbine Training (Advanced)

March 14 @ 7:00 am - 5:00 pm

Urban Defensive Rifle/Pistol Caliber Carbines/Rifle Caliber Pistol, Training (Intermediate / Advanced)
March 14th 7am-5pm
This is NOT A BEGINNER class.
$95.00 for FGC Members$130.00 for Non Club Members..
Preregistration is required.chris@andersonfirearmstraining.com
This training is designed for Semi-Automatic/Lever Action, Pump Action, & Bolt Action Rifles, Carbines, Pistol Caliber Carbines, & Rifle Caliber Pistols. Any caliber above, .22lr/mag, up to, but not including; .50BMG or .50 Beowulf.  (Rifles with tube magazines, loaded from the muzzle end, are not allowed.)(Any AR/AK/Ect.. pistol variants, that DO NOT have an attached brace, are not allowed)
We will cover all the important aspects of marksmanship, weapon handling and mindset.
You will shoot from a variety of positions and learn how to use them to conform to available cover. Simulations will challenge your ability to locate and put accurate fire on targets at various distances, and from multiple positions. This course will help you become thoroughly familiar with your rifle/gear and your capabilities with it.
Shooting positions will includeStanding, kneeling, sitting, prone.  In the open, behind cover, and a hide position. Accommodations will be made for fighters with limited mobility in any positions.
Max class size is 8 shooters. Preregistration is required.
You will need.At least 4, serviceable, 15+ round, magazines for magazine fed rifles. You will need ammo pouches, or other method (pockets) to carry 60 rounds(two 30 round/three 20 round/four 15 round mags, ect..) on your person.For guns that do not have magazines. You need to be able to carry 60 rounds on you.
If you have plate carriers, chest rigs, battle belts, ect..  Bring them; this is a good class to shake out your gear and see how it works for you.
At least 400 rounds of ammunition..Ball/FMJ or Soft Tip/JHP or Other variants are Allowed, (No Green tip, AP, API, Tracer, ect.).
Wrap Around Eye protection, Hearing Protection.Weapon Cleaning and Lubrication Equipment.Sling, 1 or 2 point or 2-1 convertible, (optional, but recommended).
Knee Pads and Gloves are recommended.Pen and Paper. Bring plenty of Water, Lunch, & Snacks.Wear clothing you do not mind getting dirty/muddy.Dress for the weather, and bring rain gear/something warm, (this is Florida) and a towel.
There will be a scored evaluation at the end of the class.
$95.00 for FGC Members
$130.00 for Non Club Members..
Preregistration is required.