Introductory Pistol Safety Course

The Introductory Pistol Safety Course is provided to members and the community by the Flagler Gun and Archery Club.
Contact: Chris Anderson, Education Director by email at

We conduct a Basic Pistol course which is expanded to cover all the information required to obtain a state concealed carry license. We teach revolver and semi-automatic function, use and detailed operation of the firearms and the ammunition used in them.

The course  costs $60 with class size limited to 15 students. 

This course is free to all Flagler Gun & Archery members during their first 6 months of membership.

Classes are normally held from 9:30AM to 2PM once each month including 4 hours of classroom and then range time with personal practical instruction (one on one) from NRA certified Pistol Instructors.


Hunter Safety Classes

Hunter Safety Classes are available through the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Check the calendar for scheduled classes, then go to:

website:   phone:  (352)625-2804 to register.