Become a Member

You will not be prompted by the Club to complete these steps. Once you complete the application and pass the test you will receive documents to electronically sign and instructions for payment.

(Failure to follow these instructions may result in your application being denied)

Here's How to Join:

Step 1: Fill out online application.

Complete An Online Application Here
Step 2: Review the Flagler Gun & Archery Club Bi-Laws and SOP, which are available for download below.

Download the Latest SOP's here
Download Flaqler Gun Club Bylaws.pdf

Step 3: Watch the New Member Orientation Video: (The video is from a few years ago, the Membership Director has changed)

Step 4: Complete the “New Member Exam” below and pass with a score of 90% or better. You may take the exam as many times as necessary. Open book test - it is ok (recommended) to refer to the SOP/By-Laws for the answers.

NEW MEMBER EXAM (click here)

Keep in mind that all officers of the club are volunteers and some work full time jobs as well. It may take a few days after you pass the test for the documents and Welcome E-mail to arrive. There is no need to “follow up” on your process. If you are having difficulties with steps 1 thru 3 please contact Email is the easiest way for us to communicate so please avoid phone calls. When you email be sure to include your full name in the BODY of the email.