Special Meeting 6:00 pm

Special Meeting at the Trap House 6:00pm to vote on (2) proposed By-Laws Amendments brought by Leslie Sharf:

Petition To Amend To Laws Of  Flagler Gun and Archery Club

The Board of Directors recommends voting NO on both of these proposed changes as they conflict with other By-Laws sections and would make management of the Club extremely difficult.

1) Amend the Duties of the Secretary to include;
       a) The Secretary shall, publish online, in the club's website, the minutes of all Board of Director, Special and General Membership meetings.
       b) The minutes shall be published not later than 14 days after the meeting is held.
       c) The minutes must include, but are not limited to, a strict record of all that is done by the assembly list of all speakers on each side of every question with their position statement. All committee Reports are to be presented exactly as submitted.

2 ) Amend Article II by adding Paragraph 3. As follows:

        Any changes to the size, use or conformation of existing range, shall require a Super Majority, Too-thirds of the Quorum (5% of membership), at a Special Meeting. Said meeting will be announced at least 14 days prior to the meeting. The Special Meeting, its agenda, time and location shall be prominently posted to all existing and future bulletin boards on "club property".