Rifle - US Benchrest Match/ARA match

Siign up will be begin at 8:00 AM with first shots are 8:30 AM.

We will be shooting the USBR target and/or the ARA target, whichever the shooter wishes, with both having 3 sighting bulls and 25 bulls for score. Guns allowed are 22lr and 0.177 calibers. For our club matches it is recommended you have at least a 6 power scope, a fairly accurate rifle and forward and rear rests which could be sandbags or a bipod. Keep in mind that the 10 ring is 0.100 inches. All shots are from the bench.

For practice you can Google “USBR targets download” and find some practice targets which will conform to the legal targets. The match is 20 minutes during which you will shoot your sighters and the 25 scoring bulls using bench rest If you need to pre-sight your rifle to get close we can do that just before the match if needed, we will allow about 5 minutes for this. When the match starts you can fine tune your sights. We will shoot two targets if the group wants, or more if your having too much fun.
Any questions please call John Hoyer at 386-871-7372 or email me at jackleg83@hotmail.com .