3-Gun Match - Scores Posted

Scores Link:  http://flaglergunclub.com/node/1042

Do you shoot IDPA and have thought about trying 3-gun? Have a handgun but not the rifle and shotgun required?

The Flagler Defensive Shooting Association would like to welcome handgun shooters to try 3-gun without the expense of equipment. All you are required to bring is your standard IDPA setup consisting of a handgun with a holster, a magazine pouch, three magazines, and 25 rounds of ammunition for your handgun.
We will be having three stages, each using a different weapon system (handgun, shotgun and rifle). The rifle, shotgun and associated accessories will be provided. Ammunition for the shotgun and rifle will be available at the match for $20.00 (40 rounds of rifle ammunition, and 25 rounds of shotgun shells).
Shooters with their own equipment are also welcome to attend.
The general match fee is $15.00 for non-members and $10.00 for FGC Members
Please RSVP with your ammunition/equipment requirements to UleskiM@hotmail.com.