FAQ – Rifle Shoots

1. What is a rifle shoot?

It’s an organized shooting sport that follows the procedures for the specific shoot according to the rules of either the CMP (Civilian Marksmanship Program) or the NRA. Ours are very informal but structured.

2. What shoots does the club run?

We shoot Service Rifle, M1 Garand, Vintage military rifle, 22 Prone and in the fall we will start the new NRA Sporter 22 rifle shoot.

3. When are they held?

Usually either a Saturday or Sunday, see the club calendar for specific dates and times for the different shoots.

4. How long do they last?

Generally from about 9AM to 1PM but some finish earlier. You should arrive no later than 15 minutes before the time shown on the calendar.

5. What do I need to shoot?

You need to provide a rifle that meets the shoot requirements, ammunition and something to lay on that is long enough so your elbows and knees are on top of it (a piece of carpet will work), water and snacks or a sandwich if you wish. No alcohol. Other items that help, but are not required, are a spotting scope, elbow pad and a sling. The club has several 22 Target Rifles and 4 M1 Garands for your use. Arrangements must be made in advance by contacting the Rifle Match Director.

6. What does the club provide?

We provide the target stands, targets and score sheets.

7. How much does it cost?

$5 for members, $10 for non-members, but free for your first time.

8. Can I come out and just watch the shoots?

Yes and we encourage that for someone who has not shot in a structured shoot. But bring your equipment anyway as you may wish to participate.

9. How formal are the shoots?

The shoots are very informal. We do, however, follow the CMP or NRA rules for each shoot. These rules include time limits and shooting positions.

10. What positions will I shoot from?

With the exception of the 22 Prone shoot, we will shoot in prone, sitting and standing positions. The calendar details will specify what is going to be shot.

11. If I have a disability can I still shoot?

We will make accommodations for just about any disability keeping your safety and the safety of others paramount. If you can shoot we can most likely accommodate you.

12. What do I need for a rifle for the shoots?

In the 22 prone shoot, only 22 LR rifles can be used with any sights. For Service Rifle the norm is some form of an AR15 or AR10. For the Garand it is only M1 Garand rifles. For the Vintage Military shoot it will be any bolt action rifle issued by any government (1903, 1903A3, Mausers, etc.)

13. Do I have to score my targets?

No. However, most of us do so we can keep track of our improvements. You will score your own target. But soon that competitive edge will slip in and you will enjoy the shoots even more.

14. How can I get more details?

Refer to the details for each shoot listed on the calendar. Or contact the Rifle Match Director shown on the calendar details for each shoot or the Rifle Range Director.

15. I don’t feel I am good enough to shoot in these but want to. What should I do?

Most people are not comfortable the first time. Just come out and watch what we do. We will be more than happy to spend time with you explained the shoot.

16. Is there someone there to work with me and show me what to do?

Definitely. We will have someone stay with you the entire shoot to make sure you are having fun and learning what to do. Just ask the match director when you get there.

17. Is there someone who can work with me before the shoot to show me what to do?

We can make arrangements for someone to meet you at the club. Contact any of the Rifle Match Directors or the Rifle Range Director to work out a mutually agreeable day and time for someone to help.

18. How can I learn to shoot my rifle better?

Good question. There are several ways. Come out and watch us shoot and ask questions. Ask us to work with you. Another great way is to participate in the Appleseed Project that our club hosts several times during the year. You can get details on that group at www.rwva.org.

19. Who do I contact for more information?

The best one to contact is the Rifle Match Director shown in the detail section for each shoot on the calendar. You can also contact the following:

John Hoyer- Rifle Match Director at (386)871-7372 or jackleg83@hotmail.com

Mike Judd – Rifle Match Director at (352)425-4771 or judd437@yahoo.com

Brian Ryan - Rifle Range Director at (386)237-4796 or rifle@flaglergunclub.com