What you need to get started in Cowboy Action

For starters you will need a pair of boots, a cowboy hat, a pair of jeans except for them fancy designer jeans and a long sleeve shirt. That will take care of your clothing for now.

Cowboy Action Shooting

Just had another successfull cowboy action match for October. The weather could not have been better. During the stages there was a shoot out in the local Saloon, The new Sheriff going up against  the crooked town Mayor, and battling wild Injuns. We had a lot of fun...Thanks to Charlie Two Feathers, CPT Merwin Evans, and that cowboy with no name.

See ya on the trail

Cowboy Action Shooting

Just had our first Cowboy Action Match at Flagler Gun & Archery Club. We were able to shoot four stages without any rain.

Thanks to Barker Creek Jack and his posse Wichita Willie and Gunshow Kid for all of their help.

See you on the trail,

Deadeye Poncho

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