Membership Application

Use this form to apply for individual, family, junior, and student memberships. If applying for a Youth Program membership, please click here for the Youth Program form.



The initiation fee is a one-time fee. The $1,000.00 Special Assessment is payable over the first ten years of your membership, with the first payment ($100.00) due at time of application. Please be sure to remit the initiation fee, first assessment payment and your first year’s dues with this application. If your application is rejected for any reason, all monies will be refunded. Members joining in the last quarter of the year (Oct. – Dec.) will have their dues and assessment credited to the following year.
N.R.A. membership is required. If you are not currently a member of NRA, please enclose a separate check, payable to “NRA”, for $25.00 representing one-year’s membership, or use the "JOIN NRA" button on the membership page. Upon the Club’s acceptance of your application and completion of orientation, you will become a probationary member for a period of one year. Probationary members have all the rights, privileges, and responsibilities of regular members and, after successful completion of the probationary period, will become regular members. After your application is accepted, you will be provided with access to a copy of the Club by-laws, and a set of Range Rules and Regulations. Please review these by-laws and rules and regulations carefully.

Dues and Assesments
  Individual Family


Initiation Fee 150.00 165.00    
Annual Dues 175.00 200.00 40.00 20.00
Total First Year 275.00 365.00 40.00 20.00

Please select the type of membership for which you are applying:
Individual - a single adult.
Junior - ages 10-17 (Requires adult sponsor)
Youth - restricted to supervised programs only, ages 10-17
Student - ages 18-25 - copy of student ID and course registration must be submitted with application.
Family - Husband & wife, or unmarried head of household and dependents under 18 and living at home.

Youth - click here.


(complete for all types)

Have you ever had a hunting or fishing license suspended or revoked?
If you answered yes, please provide separate written details.

How did new member applicants hear about Flagler Gun and Archery Club.




I agree that for good and valuable consideration received by me, I hereby release and discharge the Flagler Sports and Conservation Association,, Inc., (“Association”), its subsidiaries, agents, servants, officers, directors and employees from any and all liability resulting from claims, demands, actions or injuries or damages as a result of negligence or misconduct on the part of a member, guest, or from third parties or the Association or caused by me, members of my family, and my guests while on the Association’s property or while participating in any of the activities, programs or meetings sponsored promoted or conducted by the Association.


This release and discharge of liability shall apply to all aspects of firearm and archery use and handling as well as supervision of shooters activities.

I desire this release be construed by any Court to provide the broadest protection possible to those released.

I agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Flagler Sports and Conservation Association, Inc., (“Association”), its subsidiaries, agents, servants, officers, directors and employees, from any claims made by me any of my guests or family members.

I have carefully read this release, know and understand the contents thereof and agree to all terms and conditions as set forth above.


By submitting this application I hereby authorize Flagler Gun Club to order a background check for the purpose of this application.

Any special processing, notes, comments, etc.