Intercollegiate Holiday Shoot

We had a great shotgun tournament Saturday! Our "home teams", Stetson and Embry-Riddle, played host and shot it out with Jacksonville University and the University of North Florida teams in a terrific combination trap and skeet event.

Kudos to Tom Wolfe, Jack Krouskroup, Bill Keefe, Jay Beggelman, and all the volunteers for making it happen.

Click on any pic to see the full gallery (175 pics).

The winners/scores are alllll the way down at the bottom. :-)



Okay - this looks like he really nailed it, right? You can see the wad heading straight for the target....


Nope - robbed!  The bird slid right through that little bitty hole in the pattern! (zoom in it you can't see the pellets)


And here are the winners! 


Final Scores:

High Overall (Team):

  1. Jacksonville University
  2. University of North Florida
  3. Stetson University
  4. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Trap (Individual)

  1. James Haltiwanger, UNF (45)
  2. Justin Felker, JU (44)
  3. Lander Talbott, SU (41)

Skeet (Individual)

  1. Thomas Coates, UNF (49)
  2. Justin Felker, JU (46)
  3. Patrick Bergin, UNF (43)

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